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Welcome to the website of Psychopathology and Neuropsychology Laboratory
(EA 2027)


Our project focuses on the articulation between the psychopathology and the neuropsychology. We mean to reinforce  the importance of neuropsychological dimension and thus establish the functional link between on one hand  the behavioural and verbal responses of healthy subjects and neurological or psychiatric patients and on the other hand  and neurobiological markers (lesional, physiological or anatomic markers). Our scientific approach lies on experimental methods in respect to the ecological characteristic of the studied conditions. Our research project will allow improving the take care of neurological and psychiatric patients.

Find the whole program of the seminars of the laboratory.

The two thematic axes of our laboratory are:

1. Theoretical and clinical Psychopathology

2. Neurobiological correlates of normal and pathological communication

The tenured members of the LPN



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